Donor Report Update

The Community Foundation for Merseyside takes pride in delivering grants to areas of real need. As the largest funder of the voluntary and community sector in Merseyside, it is vital for us to ensure that community need is being met through our grant programmes. Likewise, we understand the need to ensure that our donors’ contributions are effective in achieving their objectives.

To ensure grant money is spent correctly, meets the objectives of the fund and has the biggest impact possible, we have developed a robust monitoring process that also guarantees a transparent process for both community groups and donors.

Following all grant awards we issue Terms and Conditions to the grant recipient outlining what is required of them in terms of monitoring. Successful applicants are given six months to spend their grant, at which point all grant recipients are asked to complete a monitoring form that reports on the effectiveness of the grant.

The Community Foundation assesses the number of beneficiaries, how they have benefited and the impact the grant has made. The information is checked to ensure funding was spent in accordance with the original application and conditions of approval. Where necessary, supporting evidence must be supplied.

The Mark McQueen Foundation has distributed a total of 7 grants within the local communities in Merseyside and across the UK.

The Community Foundation and the McQueen family have worked in partnership to develop the fund to assist individuals coping with and overcoming mental health issues.

  • Distributed grants to 7 community groups
  • Distributed £66,293.06 worth of grants
  • Estimated beneficiaries: 8,622

Full details of the groups awarded and individual funding profiles can be reviewed in the Projects area.


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