Campaign Against Living Misterably


Project Date: 2009-07-01

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (c.a.l.m) is targeted at young men aged between 15-35. The campaign offers help, information and advice via a phone and web service. Anyone, regardless of age, gender or geographic location can call the line. Working with people from the music, sport and club scenes, c.a.l.m. encourages young men to open up and work through their problems. c.a.l.m. has a strong and very real presence through club flyers, posters, beermats, gigs and in the media.

C.al.m. received funding to support and maintain their national office space in London and to develop their internal fundraising with an aim to become self sufficient. The £5,000 grant went towards rent and overheads associated with the space. This has allowed c.a.l.m. to continue focusing on raising the profile of their services to others as well as continuing to deliver for their current users.

The £5,000 also went towards helping to recruit two part-time fundraisers. These fundraisers will help secure funding for c.a.l.m. and recruiting volunteers for the c.a.l.m. helpline. C.a.l.m. have received over 6,200 calls to the helpline and with support from the McQueen Foundation are able to offer this vital support.


AWARDED: £51,923.06



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